Download Free Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010, Windows Server 2008 R2 Books from Microsoft Press

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Microsoft Press is offering a rather interesting collection of free books for download. Just follow the links on the images below and enjoy content on Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio 2010, Office 2010, Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008, Virtualization, and Office 365. Via here.

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Moving to Visual Studio 2010  Programming Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 8 Enhanced by Windows Azure Services

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It looks like Windows 8 is not going to be the only upcoming platform from Microsoft enhanced with various bits and pieces running in Windows Azure. Windows Phone 8 too will feature Cloud services, running in Windows Azure, what else.

Program Manager, Sr – Windows Phone (738026) Job

Date: Nov 22, 2010
Location: WA, Redmond, US
Job Category: Software Engineering: Program Management
Location: WA, Redmond, US
Job ID: 738026-28754
Division: Entertainment & Devices Division

Microsoft has deep investments in the development of the new Windows Phone and related backend services. Mobile is a critical area for Microsoft to re-build its brand presence, and win customers back with compelling and highly integrated features and applications. This is an outstanding opportunity to help build from the ground up a new mobile ecosystem that will be a highly competitive offering from Microsoft.

The Windows Phone Services (WPS) organization is responsible for building highly scalable and innovative cloud services that support the Windows Phone. The Platform and Core Services (PCS) team within WPS is responsible for the core infrastructure and services that build a framework for all WPS teams to layer upon. PCS will be taking advantage of Windows Azure and other internal services and tools to bring a platform that allows quick time to market, and flexible scale.

The PCS Engineering Tools and Services team is looking for a Senior Program Manager to drive the management of services and related engineering tools that will be part of a common framework for WPS. These services and tools are related to areas such as Live ID, and certificate management for the devices, and the developer pipeline for services. These services must run under the new PCS Azure framework and must be enhanced for the next Windows Phone OS. This role will require strong technical skills, and ability to communicate and collaborate with our partner teams within WPS and the Windows Phone team.

Come join an organization that knows how to build compelling and cost effective cloud services for mobile devices!

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IE for Windows Phone 8 – Better Standards Support, Advances in Performance, Power Consumption and Bandwidth Utilization

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There’s another version of Internet Explorer that still needs a lot of work, in addition to Internet Explorer 9. Windows Phone 7 shipped with a version of IE that certainly has its shortcomings.

But Windows Phone users should expect a lot more out of the next IE Mobile browser. And it looks like the team building the Windows Phone 8 browser has learned a thing or two from the IE team.

IE for Windows Phone 8 will have better standard support, improved performance, power consumption and bandwidth utilization.

Software Development Engineer, Senior – Windows Phone (735362)

Job Category: Software Engineering: Development
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 735362 27360

Division: Entertainment & Devices Division Microsoft has just finished Windows Phone 7 and the early buzz is extremely positive. The Windows Phone Browser, Search & Maps team is particularly pleased with the quality of the initial Web experiences we have built and their positive reception. But we know that we are in a highly competitive marketplace that is constantly moving forward and so we are now looking for people to help us build our next generation experiences.

Our team builds the IE Mobile browser in the Windows Phone organization which is one of the most used applications on the device. While apps on Smartphones have captured the marketing limelight, consumers continue to consume a huge amount of content via mobile Web browsers — and their hunger is growing. Worldwide mobile Web usage grew 148% over last year, and the number of mobile Web users will surpass the number of desktop Web users within 5 years. Moreover, as mobile browsers become more powerful, developers are adapting their sites to cater to smartphone users. There are already nearly half a million “mobile touch” Web sites and that number will grow to 1.1 million mobile touch sites by the end of 2010. Even with this explosive growth, it is still very early days in this radical transformation of the Web (think back to the early 90s on the PC if you want a sense of where the Web is on phones today…)

The browser is also the most technically challenging application to build for a phone. It is also a platform by itself on the device with a programming model that covers a huge range of scenarios and technologies through the stack. The mobile browser must run on devices which are significantly less powerful than its desktop cousins but it still has to meet demanding requirements to display a web page fast with minimal resource usage.

We are looking for a strong senior engineer that is excited about the product and technical opportunities with the mobile web experience. You will be working on building the next generation IE platform for the next Windows Phone release. This will include a major overhaul of standard support and new approaches to make significant advances in performance, power consumption and bandwidth utilization. Your responsibilities include making all these modern web platform features work on the Windows Phone platform.

A suitable candidate should possess deep understanding of web technologies and the Internet. Experience with graphics technologies APIs are a strong plus. Strong interest in JavaScript, CSS, HTML and Windows programming is expected. You must have excellent communication skills and a proven ability to work effectively with many others across your team, group and division. You must also have the desire to drive and design technical architecture decisions with senior developers and architects. A BS/MS in computer science or equivalent experience with at least 5 years of development experience in C and C++ is necessary.

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