Windows 9 / codenamed Threshold launch set for April 2015

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Microsoft is gearing up to put the “immense success” of Windows 8 behind it, and not a moment too soon, if you ask me and 90% of all Windows users who didn’t upgrade to the current version of the company’s operating system. According to Paul Thurrott , the Redmond company will start discussing the next major release of Windows at its upcoming Build 2014 conference in April this year.
Codenamed Threshold, Windows 8’s successor will be built in a single year. It appears that Microsoft is considering releasing Threshold under the moniker Windows 9 in April 2015, which means that the next major iteration of Windows is roughly just a year away.
However, as per the tradition of Windows development, early adopters will get their hands on Windows 9 bits a lot sooner, possibly even before the end of 2014. This because the company has planned at least three major development stages for Windows 9, such as an Alpha release, which is most likely to be offered internally, a Beta, the first public milestone, followed by a Release Candidate and the RTM.
Windows 9 will be focused on resolving the issues that have been alienating users from adopting Windows 8, mainly the experience discrepancy between Metro and the desktop “cousins”, exponents of the artificial marriage between touch and traditional UI interaction.

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Windows 9 Beta in January 2014, RTM launch in November, reportedly

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Microsoft is building Windows 9 in addition to Windows Blue, and apparently the Redmond company is looking to accelerate the release cycle of its main cash cow. While Windows Blue is slated for release by in the summer of 2013, supposedly a refresh to Windows 8, the next major version of Windows is also in the works. According to Win8China, Windows 9 is planned for release just 2 years after the general availability of Windows 8. Windows 8 in its turn, was launched 3 years after Windows 7, which dropped 3 years after Windows Vista was finalized and offered to consumers.

A November 2014 GA deadline for Windows 9 means that Microsoft put pedal to the metal as far as Windows development is concerned, shortening the release cycle by a third. Of course, this information needs to be taken with a grain of salt, to say the least. General availability in November 2014 automatically implies that Windows 9 will go gold (will be released to manufacturing) sometime in late summer 2014, or early fall. Sources familiar with the Windows 9 development effort indicate that a Beta of Windows 9 might find its way to testers in less than a year, namely in January 2014.

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Windows takes top 4 positions in OS usage ranking, but don’t expect any real reshuffling until after Windows 9 launches

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Iterations of the Windows operating system have taken the first four positions in an OS usage ranking put together by Net Marketshare. As of the end of February 2013, Windows 8 joins its predecessors by surpassing all versions of Mac OS X and Linux in terms of usage share. Climbing to 2.67% of the market, Windows 8 is right on track to dethrone Windows Vista and become the third most used operating system version in the world. My personal prediction is that Windows 8 and Vista will swap places by the summer of 2013, by which time Microsoft is rumored to release the first major update to Windows 7’s successor, thus far codenamed Windows Blue.

Windows 7 continues to be no. 1 with a usage share of 44.55%, growing from 44.45% the previous month, which means that consumers worldwide are still buying new copies of the OS as well as new machines powered by this iteration of Windows, despite the availability of Windows 8. Windows XP’s usage share continues to drop, especially as users are upgrading either to Windows 7 or Windows 8. XP is now down to 38.99% of the market, while Vista, the OS that so many love to hate, is just at 5.17% as of the start of March.

Considering the gap separating XP and Windows 8, I really don’t see any chances for the latter to displace the old time favorite version of Windows, even if now more than a decade old, and closing in on its retirement date. Microsoft will cut support for Windows XP in just a few years, but by that time, I estimate that Windows 9 and not Windows 8 will take advantage of the hole which the death of XP will leave in the market. Mark my words, Windows 8 will never be more than third best, usage share-wise. You heard it here first.

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