Visual Search for Bing (1.9), v2.0 this Fall

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But don’t call it Bing 2.0, Microsoft doesn’t want you to. It’s an update, seeds planted some time ago, the fruits will be ripe for the picking this fall. I actually knew earlier this summer that Microsoft was working on a Bing Silverlight hybrid. Yes, sure, it’s easy for me to say this now. And yes, I should have spilled the beans, right, that’s enough agricultural metaphors, I promise, but I should have blogged about it when I first had the chance. In my defense, I had the Bing + Silverlight part, but couldn’t figure out for the world what was Microsoft planning.

I’m going to have to go through my notes, as I recall I had come out with some pretty wild speculation. Nothing as “mild” as Visual Search. But now, that I see Visual Search I think that I wasn’t all that far off. If I’ll find something interesting I’ll post it. Meanwhile, play with Visual Search.

From the Bing blog: How many times have you seen a movie trailer and forgotten the name of it the next day? You go online to search for it but you can’t seem to find the movie with “what’s-his-name” in it anywhere but you can picture the actor in your head. A study conducted by Microsoft Research shows that consumers can process results with images 20% faster than text only results. So it’s clear that images play a big part in helping consumer’s with a variety of search activities.

We have taken this to heart with Bing’s new Visual Search feature announced today as a beta at TechCrunch50. Visual Search is a new way to formulate and refine your search queries through imagery, particularly for sets of results that tend to be more structured. We call these data groupings galleries. Simply go to and install Silverlight if you don’t have it already. What you’ll see is an amazing new visual search experience. Visual Search allows you to quickly scroll through the galleries or do a one-click refinement using the quick tabs on the left, which are specifically relevant to the type of results you are browsing through.

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Bing Will Read Intent Through New Interaction Paradigms

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Bing will evolve to read user intent… Tin foil hat… check! But no, “sadly,” Microsoft is not developing a mind reading vertical for the search engine, it’s building new interaction paradigms instead. Microsoft Research is calling it the future of Bing. The search engine will effectively understand what the user intends to do. There’s a new job opening for a Sr. Program Manager, Microsoft Research – Mt. View.

Job Category: Software Engineering: Program Management
Location: United States, CA, Mountain View
Job ID: 700341 5732
Division: Microsoft Research

Come help us define the future of computing in the new era, where computers are getting better at understanding user intent, where applications are moving to the cloud, where web search poses numerous deep technical challenges, and where mobility, social networks, data mining, and system structures are seeing huge changes. At Microsoft Research you will have the chance to create new innovations, develop cutting edge solutions, work with some of the brightest minds in the industry, and have your work impact a hundred million people. You can create the future of Bing, and of Microsoft as a whole.

The Interaction and Intent group in Microsoft Research SVC (formerly called ISRC Incubations) is looking to usher in this future, by creating new interaction paradigms in Bing. It’s all about user intent. Our systems try to determine what a user is trying to do: the user might be trying to find something, or make a decision, or complete a task. We help the user reach that goal, possibly with continued interaction along the way. In our work, we create new concepts quickly, try them out with prototypes, and build and deploy them as products, often in partnership with other teams. We also do the research, user analyses, technology transfer, or product maintenance – whatever it takes.

The PM in this role will work closely with researchers, developers, and the Bing team to accelerate innovation. We typically build the first-of-a-kind products, and as such, the role involves extensive interaction with the Bing team during the planning cycle, and with pm/dev/test teams during the development and release cycles.

We are looking for candidates who can effectively communicate with pm/dev/test in projects, but also can interact effectively with leads and directors in product teams; who make new contacts with ease; who can manage the dynamics of cross functional remote development; who can adapt to rapid changes and new opportunities. The right candidate would be passionate, and a quick learner of what’s new and exciting in the industry. The candidate would participate in the innovations and team vision. At the same time, the PM needs to be organized and systematic to make sure that things happen on schedule, with the high levels of quality we expect.

We are looking for candidates who enjoy this creative process, and exult in taking the innovations all the way from concept to satisfied customers. In the Interaction and Intent group, you can make this happen. You will get to work on new important challenges before anyone else knows there is a problem. But at the end of the day, you will create things that your friends and family enjoy using.

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