The Microsoft Barrelfish Operating System

Last Updated on Friday, 25 September 2009 01:57 Written by Mire_B Friday, 25 September 2009 01:57

Just how many operating systems is Microsoft building? There is Windows with its multiple versions, thereĀ“s Singularity and Midori, and nor Barrelfish.

Download Barrelfish release snapshot

This release is a snapshot of the main Barrelfish source tree as of 2009-09-14. It should not be considered robust nor complete; instead it is intended to accompany the SOSP 2009 paper. The code is not exactly the same as that used to generate all the results in the paper, but does produce roughly the same performance on our hardware. We will make a more complete (and usable) release soon.

The Barrelfish Operating System

Barrelfish is a new research operating system being built from scratch in a collaboration between ETH Zurich and Microsoft Research, Cambridge. We are exploring how to structure an OS for future multi- and many-core systems. We are motivated by two closely related trends in hardware design: first, the rapidly growing number of cores, which leads to a scalability challenge, and second, the increasing diversity in computer hardware, requiring the OS to manage and exploit heterogeneous hardware resources.