Leaked Windows Blue Milestone 1 (M1) Screenshots

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 11:32 Written by admin Wednesday, 20 February 2013 11:27

Microsoft is making headway with Windows Blue, the Windows 8 refresh currently cooking in Redmond. According to various sources, the next version of Windows has reached the first major milestone in its development. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a confirmation from Microsoft, but Mary Jo Foley is reporting that Milestone 1 (M1) was reached.

Accompanying this article are a number of leaked screenshots of Windows Blue, coming from Wzor, via Winaero and Win8China.

One change that stands up is the new kernel version of the leak. The Redmond company tends not to play around with the versioning of the Windows kernel, since there’s always a risk of breaking app compatibility, but it appears that with the release of Windows 8, the kernel version will jump to 6.3. In case you’re wondering, Windows 8 is 6.2 and Windows 7 is 6.1.

There are a number of additional enhancements visible in the screenshots, such as the apparent return of the Shutdown and Restart buttons to a more prominent location of the Start Screen.

For the time being, I’d definitely not take anything for granted. Microsoft isn’t expected to start sharing details on Windows Blue until the operating system will pass Milestone (M2), which should happen in the next few months. Rumors seem to indicate that the summer will be Windows Blue’s time to shine, although a specific release date has yet to be announced, with some expecting availability to happen sometime in August 2013.

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