60 million Windows 8 licenses sold

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But there’s “sold” and then there’s actually sold… The two are not exactly synonymous.

Let me explain. At approximately one month after Microsoft claimed to have sold some 40 million Windows 8 copies, Windows Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Financial Officer Tami Reller revealed that another 20 million licenses were added to that figure.

60 million Windows 8 copies sold sounds impressive enough, except for the small detail that there aren’t really 60 million users of Windows 8.

According to a small analysis I did earlier this year, Windows 8’s usage share is only a portion of that of Windows 7’s, comparing the first months after launch. With a 1.72% usage share as of December 2012, I would venture as far as to say that there are less than 20 million Windows 8 users worldwide.

So how does Microsoft sell 60 million copies? Simply enough in fact, the company also counts Windows 8 OEM licenses sold to original equipment manufacturers to be pre-installed on new machines as sold.

Bottom line? Even if Microsoft sold 60 million Windows 8 copies, it doesn’t mean that 60 million people are using Windows 8. Not even by far.



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Download Windows 8 January 2013 Performance and Reliability Update

Last Updated on Tuesday, 8 January 2013 12:59 Written by admin Tuesday, 8 January 2013 12:59

Microsoft has made available a new update designed to boost the performance and reliability of its latest iteration of the Windows OS. The January 2013 Windows 8 performance and reliability update is now available for download from Microsoft.


This cumulative update includes the following performance and reliability improvements:

•Resolves an issue that could cause low-quality playback when you stream videos from Windows Media Center to Xbox consoles.

•Improves Bluetooth audio playback quality.

•Resolves an issue in which you may be unable to install a Windows Store app update when the app is installed to multiple accounts on the same computer.











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Windows 8 vs. Windows 7 market share growth

Last Updated on Thursday, 3 January 2013 02:31 Written by admin Thursday, 3 January 2013 02:31

Or lack thereof.


Windows 8 is not exactly jumping off store shelves. Or jumping in terms of market share. In fact, market share-wise, Windows 8 is nothing short of crawling along, but certainly in no position to make a dent in the domination of established OSes.


According to Net Applications, Windows 8’s usage share only climbed as high as 1.72% in December 2012, up from 1.09% the month before, and the first after general release. In the process, Windows 8’s usage share, surpassed that of Linux, which is a victory of quixotesque proportions in itself, and absolutely nothing to trumpet to the world about.


Why not? Let’s just look at Windows 7’s usage share in the months following its launch. Back in October 2009, some 2.18% of the users tracked by Net Applications has already made the jump to Windows 7. Coincidentally, October 2009 was also the month when Windows 7 hit general availability. But there’s really no way to blame users from rushing to drop Vista like a bad habit, is there?


November 2009 saw Windows 7’s usage share explode to no less than 4.06%, four time that of Linux at the time, only to grow to 5.80% by the end of that December.


Fast forward to December 2012 and Windows 7 is the most used operating system on the market with a share of 45.11%, and still growing, from 44.71% in November, and 44.69% the month before that.


Anyone in the mood to start calling Windows 8 Vista 2.0?


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