Windows 8 IIS, Redefining How the Web Technology Stack Is Delivered

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Here is a slightly evolved version of a previous job post from Microsoft for a Program Manager for the next version of Internet Information Services.

Program Manager – IIS

The Internet Information Services (IIS) team is redefining how the web technology stack is delivered to the customers. We are simplifying how developers, IT pros, and hosters consume our technology by managing the end-to-end experience from development to deployment. We build both technologies and solutions – whatever it takes to do the right thing for customers and Win The Web. Customer empathy is a deep core value at IIS. We are also an extremely agile team that frequently ships projects out-of-band to adapt to ever changing Internet environment.

IIS team is looking for an experienced PM to join our core platform team. Your role will span across planning for the future as well as addressing immediate customer needs. You will own several core components of IIS and drive them through planning and delivery via IIS Extensions and Windows 8. You should also be ready to work in a fast-paced environment and have a strong desire for quality, security, and performance. Your feature will be used by millions of customers.

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Windows 8 to Get Next Gen .NET Framework, Obviously

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Microsoft is starting to plan the development of the next generation of.NET Framework, tailoring the common language runtime, class libraries, frameworks and technologies to the next version of Windows. Just to be clear, the actual planning for the next generation of .NET hasn’t started yet, but apparently Windows 8 is a top priority.

The Release Candidate of .NET Framework 4 and Visual Studio 2010 is scheduled for February, and on April 12, both .NET 4 and VS 2010 will be finalized and released to web. It would be a little early for the company to start shifting focus on the next gen .NET Framework, but not sufficiently early enough to start thinking ahead.

There’s no mention however of a potential version number. It remains to be seen whether .NET 4.5 will follow version 4, or if the .NET Framework will jump directly to version 5. Either way, I think it’s safe for developers to expect the next generation of .NET sometime at the end of 2012, or in 2013, certainly in conjunction with Windows 8.
Program Manager, Senior – DevDiv

Job Category: Software Engineering: Program Management
Location: United States, WA, Redmond
Job ID: 710498 11822
Division: Server & Tools Business

.NET Framework is Microsoft’s primary runtime for cutting edge application, both on the Windows Client and on Server. Offering technologies like WPF, a modern, highly capable GUI Framework, the backbone runtime of most web sites in the world – ASP.NET, and communication essentials like Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) – it is a powerful runtime that developers bet their applications and enterprises – their business on.

The Deployment Technology Group in Developer Division builds the first customer interaction for .NET Framework – it’s deployment.

The ubiquity of .NET Framework and it’s criticality to Microsoft’s core business (Windows Client) require it’s deployment to be “transparent” for end users. It must also be flexible for developers and ISVs to consume and manageable for IT Professionals to distribute. The .NET Framework is deployed in many channels, including a standalone runtime that ISVs often chain into their own deployments, as a Windows Component via WU, and via a web download.

We are looking for a senior Lead Program Manager to lead the .NET Framework Deployment Experience team in developing the next generation of innovations in the deployment of .NET Framework, accomplishing the transparency and simplicity of deploying this runtime so developers don’t think twice before betting on it.

We have addressed size issues in .NET Framework 4 and are already planning innovations that will lead to a significantly improved deployment experience for customers, with a special focus on integration with Windows.

As a Lead Program Manager you will be .NET Framework Deployment’s face to our partners in Developer Division, both .NET Framework technology teams as well as teams in Visual Studio that rely on .NET Framework. You will drive the planning process for our next version, reconciling priorities from .NET Partners such as the Windows 8 team, SQLServer, developers, enterprises and end users. You will then drive the execution of the plan all the way to delivery.

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Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Branch Builds

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Here are a few pieces of information as you wait for the first taste of Windows 7 SP1, which is supposedly planned for availability in April 2010, according to Wzor.

Windows 7 SP1 builds in the winmain branch since January 2010:


Windows 7 SP1 builds in the winmain_sp branch since January 2010:


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