Midori UI Stack Design and Implementation

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Microsoft is looking to start building a graphical user interface for the Midori incubation. Don’t expect to do away with Windows Aero for quite some time, because the UI for Midori OS has yet to be designed, let alone implemented on top of the platform.

The Midori incubation is a non-Windows Microsoft operating system, based on the Singularity project, also a non-Windows platform, from Microsoft Research. No surprise that Midori is sans-UI, as Singularity itself is only offering a command line interface, and nothing much beyond that.

The difference is that Microsoft Research has made no plans public for Singularity to get a user interface. But it looks like the same cannot be said about Midori. Furthermore, Midori won’t just get a plain-vanilla, traditional UI. Microsoft has much more in store.

And it is the company itself that revealed the overall design and development goals for the Midori user interface: UI responsiveness, UI security, UI in distributed environments that cross devices, new models for asynchronous UI, and effective use of GPUs and manycore.

Architect – Job Category: Software Engineering: Development – Division: Corporate Research & Development:

The Technical Strategy Incubation team is seeking to hire an Architect to lead the design and implementation of the end to end UI stack for its Midori Operating System. The Midori incubation is chartered with pursuing strategic opportunities which are difficult to address incrementally with existing systems, such as UI responsiveness, UI security, UI in distributed environments that cross devices, new models for asynchronous UI, and effective use of GPUs and manycore.

The successful candidate is a principal or partner level Architect who is passionate about building next generation UI/Graphics technologies, enjoys startup environments and loves to code. We are seeking an individual with expertise in several of the following areas: graphics device driver models, scalable rendering engines, glitch-free animation and media pipelines, 2D vector graphics and typography, modern desktop compositor architectures, data-driven UI frameworks, and human computer interaction. This is a high visibility position with impact in the incubation, in the company, and in the overall market.

Because it is in incubation, don’t expect to be testing Midori anytime soon, especially if you’re not among the select few that are actually coding for the project. As far as I’m concerned, the fact that Microsoft is planning an UI for Midori shows a strong possibility for the non-Windows OS to become an actual consumer product.

From the rest of the job post:

Midori is a small hand-picked team of senior, hands-on architects and developers passionate about building real systems that extend the current thinking in Operating Systems and Platform technology. This group has the unique aspect of being outside of existing product groups, allowing us to pursue experimental ideas and solutions that may be impractical or too expensive for existing products due to legacy customer demands and business commitments.

Because this is an incubation group, a candidate must have a high tolerance for uncertainty and changes in direction. Comfort with low-level systems development and expert proficiency in a C-like language are required. Additional desirable, but not mandatory, skills include familiarity with GPU programming and rendering techniques, data parallelism and concurrency, data synchronization, and real-time collaboration technologies.

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