Microsoft: What can you get for the price of a Samsung Galaxy S4? Answer: A Galaxy S4.

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So, apparently, Microsoft is asking folks around the world what would they get for the price of a Samsung Galaxy S4. Answer: A Samsung Galaxy S4! Doh! Did I get it right, Microsoft? Did I? I sure hope I did. But let’s watch the video below and see if I’m right.

So a Samsung Galaxy S4 is $750.

1. Apparently, you can go into a Microsoft Store a buy a off-contract Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 521 for as little as $149.

Yeah! Sure! A Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 521! Wow! I heard all the cool kids are dying to get one. Said no one, ever!

2. Xbox music for $30. Meh. Music, streaming. Been there done that. There are free services available WORLDWIDE that offer the same.

3. Some cheap memory card.

Microsoft, could you be more boring??? Next!

4. $100 for headphones?

Wait, wait, wait. You want me to believe that paying $750 for one of the most, if not the most innovative device available to consumers today is expensive, but you want me to pay $100 for HEADPHONES?!

5. A pink $450 ASUS VivoBook. Yeah, right! It might be $450 in the US, but it’s 500 EUR in Europe. Checkout this link from That’s $ 651.65 Microsoft, I googled it just to spite you. Oh well, there go my $100 headphones. But can I still pay for music I can listen for free on a plethora of sites? Please!!!!!!!

Microsoft concludes: For $750 you can get a Samsung Galaxy S4, or… And they had me. Thank you Microsoft, guess I’ll now have to go out and buy a Galaxy S4. Just as over 10 million other people have already done in the first month after its launch. Boy, I do hope that I can find some $100 headphones to go with the S4!

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Download Windows Phone 8 Angry Birds Seasons

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 February 2013 11:04 Written by admin Wednesday, 20 February 2013 11:04

Windows Phone 8 users can head to the WP Store to grab the Seasons flavor of the old time favorite birds vs. pigs bonanza. Angry Birds Seasons is available for download for just $0.99. Link.


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Microsoft testing own smartphone, 6 years too late

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Microsoft is hard at work with hardware manufacturers in Asia, testing its own smartphone, according to sources close to the company. I wouldn’t blame this piece of info leaking out on the rumor mill, since it came from WSJ.
Of course, that being somewhat of a hush-hush matter, there aren’t all that many details available. There’s really no big surprise however, that the Redmond giant selected to work with an Asian manufacturing partner, rather than building a device in-house. If Apple taught us anything, is that if underage Asians weren’t abused to build your smartphone or tablet, then you’re not cool enough.
Microsoft has worked with a number of smartphone manufacturers to bring Windows Phone to consumers worldwide, but thus far there’s barely any success to brag about. Despite this, the Redmond company has constantly resisted market pressure to create and sell its own Windows Phone device.
After all, Microsoft’s model involves selling software, not software and hardware. An immensely successful business model, that has kept the company atop of the IT industry for decades. Things are of course changing. The Redmond giant might be slow to adapt to the evolution we now see in terms of the new consumer form factors flooding stores, but it’s fair to say that it’s getting there.
Microsoft testing its own smartphone sounds perfectly plausible to me. After all, it’s common sense to explore different strategies. But the company has to do the testing with the realization that it’s no less than six years too late. Arguably even more.
Why 6 years? Because approximately 5 years ago Apple launched iPhone 1.0. The same device that CEO Steve Ballmer mocked publicly, saying that people WANT, but ABSOLUTELY WANT and NEED keyboards on their phones. Fast forward 5 years, and now Apple is selling enough iPhones in a year to build a mausoleum the size of the Great Pyramid of Giza dedicated to celebrating the “good old” and defunct Windows Mobile. Perhaps I exaggerate a tad, but you get the idea.
But what’s even worse than Microsoft only testing its own smartphone is that the company might not even launch such a device. Of course, if history is any indication, a Surface smartphone might just become reality, especially if Nokia Windows Phone devices continue to fly off store shelves at the same rate (surgically remove tongue in cheek).

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